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Cristiano ronaldo Herbalife
Cristiano ronaldo Herbalife

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Preference is Herbalife

Three-time FIFA Ballon d’Or victor Cristiano Ronaldo trusts that great sustenance is fundamental for execution and that is the reason he’s collaborated with Herbalife.

Favored with quality, speed, power and elegance, Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo is continually searching for a focused edge. That is the reason he concentrates on a thorough preparing regimen and successful games sustenance.

“I see my body as a weapon, it gives me a noteworthy favorable position on the field when it’s finely tuned, and a major an aspect of my responsibilities as a player is to ensure that I’m generally in top physical frame,” says Ronaldo. “Putting the additional exertion into upgrading what I have has a significant effect amid the opposition.”


He approaches his pre-exercise, exercise and recuperation schedules with total core interest.

“For me, ideal preparing and recuperation is in the points of interest,” he says. “I give careful consideration to adaptability as I do my shooting drills. I likewise realize that great nourishment is at the center of my prosperity and the Herbalife group encourages me to comprehend the connection between losing vitamins and minerals amid preparing and legitimate supplementation to return it all.”

Ronaldo is working with John Heiss, Ph.D., senior chief of games and wellness for Herbalife, on the thorough Herbalife24™ product offering. Herbalife is likewise helping Ronaldo with his own program for ideal nourishment by providing a scope of items to help his requesting exercise and preparing regimen. He truly enjoys the chocolate shelled nut enhanced Protein Bar Deluxe and his most loved Herbalife® Formula 1 Healthy Meal Nutritional Shake Mix flavors are wild berry and vanilla.

Herbalife is the Global Nutrition Partner of Ronaldo in light of the fact that he has faith in the Herbalife sense of duty regarding great sustenance.

“Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best football players on the planet, and somebody who epitomizes our logic of good nourishment being at the center of a solid, dynamic life, and a key favorable position in the focused universe of expert game,” says Michael O. Johnson, Chairman and CEO of Herbalife. “His enthusiasm and conviction will without a doubt convert into huge open doors for Herbalife and our autonomous Members. We adore and share his dedication and eagerness for this relationship and are amped up for the future together.”


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