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Easter Bunny
Easter Bunny



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  1. Bunny pattern ps and thank you for sharing

  2. This bunny is adorable!! I would love the pattern please!

  3. Adorable. Thank you for sharing. Please send the bunny patter.

  4. thankyou for bunny pattern x

  5. Donnita Friberg

    Hi I would love a copy of any of your free patterns in English please love your designs so much. The witch elf. devil. bunny and any other that are in English free patterns
    Thank you so much you are an amazing artist
    Donnita Friberg

  6. Hi
    Ditto to what Donnita Friberg said. So true that you are an amazing artist. Thank you again.

  7. I would love free patterns in English, thanking you in advance. Carol

  8. Love to have Bunny and any English your patterns are AWESOME, thank you!!

  9. This looks so cute, may I please have a copy. . Thank you

  10. Graag het bunny patroon

  11. Goodmorning,thanks you for sharing this lovely Benny,
    will you send me this parten.
    Thank you

  12. geweldig leuk konijn

  13. Het konijntje …het duivelmeisje en de heks vind ik heel mooi…

  14. Please leave your email address here.

    I will send it there.

  15. Wat een lief konijn zou hem graag willen.

  16. Yes please for bunny pattern in english

  17. Ik hoop het schattig konijnenpatroontje snel te ontvangen. Alvast bedankt.

  18. Ik zou het schattig konijnenpatroontje graag in het Engels willen ontvangen. Bedankt.

  19. Hallo wat een schatje zou ik het patroon van U magen

  20. wonderull for my future grandson ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  21. a wonderull pattern for my future grandson ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  22. I want to get Bunny Patter pls
    Thank u

  23. Goedenmorgen, Ik zou graag het patroontje willen ontvangen.

  24. I’don’t like all free patterns in English. lempinimi@hotmail.com

  25. So lovely, would be happy to get the pattern from you…. compliments!

  26. Wat schattig.. Alvast hartelijk bedankt

  27. Wow, beautiful pattern. Would love to receive the bunny pattern (english)

  28. Oh zo lief….mijn email adres c.boon@telenet.be….dank u

  29. Anette Weymann

    Hallo , hätte auch gerne das Muster vom Oster-Häschen, Dankeschön


  30. I would love to get this pattern in English

  31. My name is Elizette
    Email adress is zettiemoose@gmail.com
    Beautiful pattern

  32. I would love to get this pattern in English

  33. Hallo, mag ik ook de gratis patronen.
    Vriendelijk groeten

  34. Wat een schatje, Die zou ik graag maken.

  35. Hallo I hope that I can also revice the pattern of this cute Bunny. vannellen36@gmail.com

  36. Hallo ik zou ook heel graag het patroon willen ontvangen van het konijn.
    Groet Hennie

  37. What a sweet bunny, another great pattern. You are really talented!

  38. Thank you in advance for this pattern,

  39. Ik zou heel graag de free paashaas willen hebben

    Als vast heel erg bedankt

  40. Love the bunny

  41. I like to make this bunny please can I have the pattern


  42. I Like the free Bunny pattern.
    I hope you’ll send it to me.
    Thank you so much.

  43. Mariet Krimpmann

    Please sent me the eastern bunny. And thank you for sharring

  44. Ik zou het patroontjes heel graag willen. Hij is schattig.

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    Heel graag zou ik het patroon willen hebben
    alvast bedankt

  46. Such a lovely Bunny 😍
    Thank you 😊

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    Can you please send me the easterbunny pattern in English my email is : frustrated114@comcast.net Thank you so mych

  48. Facebook Profile photo

    That is thank you so much.

  49. Hi, your rabbit is adorable and I would LOVE to have a copy of the pattern to make it for my son please. Lildabblingduck@gmail.com

  50. Danielle van der linden

    Mooi patroon.

  51. Mooi konijn

  52. What a cute bunny 😍can’g wait to make it 😉 thanks jn advance

  53. You’re welcome dear. i sent it 🙂

  54. Esther van Bodegraven

    What acute bunny

  55. maria benavente

    hola buenas tardes me gustaria recibir el pdf Gracias.
    Es maravilloso su trabajol.

  56. Mooi konijntje .dank je wel

  57. Mag in van u het patroontje ? Dank je wel
    Ze is super schattig

  58. I would love to receive the bunny pattern. Thank you so much! Zee my e-mailadres below.

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    Could you be so kind and send me the English pattern for this adorable bunny. Thank you so much

  60. Easter bunny is super cute

  61. Wat een schattig konijntje

  62. Love all your Amigurumi creatures, you are very talented. mommat52@verizon.net

  63. oh i want the pattern but do not want to send my email in open forum.

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    I am interested in the free pattern for the Easter Bunny. My email address is cmlt2004@hotmail.com

    Thank you

  65. I would like to have this beautifull pattern, my e-mail is jroks79@hotmail.com

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    Ik zou heel graag dit mooie patroon ontvangen.

  67. Vielen Dank für die super süsse Anleitung…
    nancy_gc@gmx.net LG

  68. Can you send me Laylay Hobim. Thank you very much.

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    graag het patroon van het konijntje
    Als het kan graag het patroon in het nederlands


  70. I love this bunny, great work

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    Hallo! Ich würde mich freuen die Anleitung in deutsch zu bekommen. Sooooooo niedlich das Häschen! DANKESCHÖN! rici@rockkid.de
    Liebe Grüße!

  72. Hallo ik zou ook heel graag het patroon willen ontvangen van het konijn.
    Groet Hennie


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    darf ich bitte die Anleitung haben liebe grüße Heidi

  74. Hi I try it again brigittastraver@hotmail.com thank you very much💐

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    hallo bekomm ich bitte auch das sehr süsse häschen vielen dank

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    I would Love to make all your Free Patterns in English. They are so adorable. chikagirlo2@gmail.com Thank you in advance. Have a Blessed day.

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    Bu tasarımınız da çok tatlı bu tarifi de gönderirmisiniz😍

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    lisatenny@hotmail.com is my email, I would love the bunny it is so adorable.

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    Easter bunny pattern English please. Barbk73@comcast.net thank you friend

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    So loving this one. Bunnies and bears are my favorite and you design them perfectly. Thank you for sharing.

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    Bonjour j aimerais beaucoup recevoir le patron de ce magnifique lapin merci beaucoup

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    I will need patterns in English please. My email is angelafrisbey @gmail.com . thank you

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    Bitte um die Anleitung Witch Elf vielen lieben dank angelina25251@hotmail.de

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    Bunny pattern ps and thank you for sharing

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    Graag had ik ook het leuke konijntje alvast bedankt

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    How very adorable. May I please have the pattern for the Easter Bunnie in English? Thank you.

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    I would love the Easter bunny pattern. Thank you so much. Your work is wonderful. My email is lanka1@aol.com

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    Hi I would love a copy of the pattern for the Easter bunny,bear, Giant Mickey Mouse, Daisy duck, and any other free Arugomimi in English please. I just love your work you are a very talented artist.
    Thank you very much,
    Donnita Friberg

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    Bu tarifin türkçesi varmı

  90. jolandaj40@hotmail.com

    Teşekkürler ederim

  91. hannahjana@laposte.net
    in English please, thank you for the pattern

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    Thank you so much for the bunny pattern. My email address is
    Your designs are lovely.

  93. May I have this copy in English please. my email is miss_ladyjian@yahoo.com , thank you so much ^-^

  94. Marelva Isebia


    like to have the easter bunny pattern


    thank you very much, greetings, Marelva

  95. Meursault Honneur


  96. Tesekkurler

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    thank u for the 2 you send!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love it!!!!!!!!!111

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    Ce sont de vraies petites merveilles ! Merci !

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    Love all your patterns would like access to the Easter bunny pattern please

  100. Hi Laylay
    Your patterns are so lovely. I would love the psttern to your easter bunny

  101. Jeanette Worthington

    Love all of the patterns, thankyou for sharing x

  102. Elinize, emeğinize, yüreğinize sağlık laylayhobim. Harikadınız💕💕

  103. j aimerais bien l avoir svp….. carmend.1@videotron.ca

  104. il est tres beau j aimerais bien l avoir s vp si il est en francais ou anglais mais surtout francais merciiiii

  105. love your patterns they r great

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    Very cute pattern. Thank you!

  107. Können Sie mir bitte per E – Mail , das Muster von Easterbunny Almanca senden ist:

  108. ich möchte bitte diese Anleitung vom Osterhasen haben wenn möglich in Deutsch. Vielen lieben Dank…..

  109. He is so cute!

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    Teşekkür Teşekkür ederim

  111. Beautiful pattern thank you

  112. Very sweet bunny 🙂

  113. lovely!

  114. Love these patterns. Is it possible for me to have an English version of the Easter Bunny pattern please. xx

  115. I think this is really cute and would appreciate it if you sent it to me at: nicksbarbiedoll@yahoo.com I hope there is an English version. Thanks so much.

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    I love all your patterns. Going to try the bunny. Thank you so very much

  117. this cute

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