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witch elf amigurumi
witch elf amigurumi






















witch elf amigurumi free pattern
witch elf amigurumi free pattern



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  1. She is totally adorable! Thanks so much for sharing her with everyone and especially for writing it in English! Is there a pdf available? I’d gladly pay.

  2. Goodmorning,

    she is so adorable, I would like to have an PDF of her. Is that available?

  3. Facebook Profile photo

    Hi sweetheart, I would like to have a PDF file from this pattern. Could you be so kind and send it to my email. Thank you so much

  4. Hi several times throughout the pattern you have indicated a “cc” – for example in row 1 for the shoes, the pattern reads –
    3 dc in 4th ch from hooks, 11 dc, 2 dc in next st, cc
    What does cc mean?
    Thank you 🙂

    • hey nancy i think cc means contrasting color..

    • It means slip stitch but I am so confused on the shoes. Like row two BLO 10 sc Black I get that but then 30 sc orange and 14 black it does not add up…and with row one then row two does it go in a spiral?

  5. im so flipping confused with the dress says with black make two but when does the purple part of the pattern come into play got all this work done for the witch/elf and i cant understand the dress part ..

  6. what does link up on the dress pattern mean plz someone help lol

  7. 👏😍😍

  8. If you are sharing the English version of this pattern I would love one. KRebM71@yahoo.com

  9. On my iPad if you click the export button, one of the options is save PDF, click that and it will make PDF and save to iBooks.

  10. I love the witch

  11. do not understand row 18 on hood

  12. Der Knaller für Halloween

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